Drumming Love Story

"To Sister Joy. One Love. Baba Olatunji. Nov. 7. 1996."
© Joy Krauthammer 2.7.2015

In this Joyous Personal Love Story ~ following my heart and passion about drums since I was a teen, 
I share that I became a drummer 23 years after teen years, and my first drum interest. I'm still performing world music on ethnic hand drums 29 years after my first drum kit lesson in 1986.
Pictured is my beloved large djembe, commissioned and made personally for me by master drummer, Paolo Mattioli, obm, over 2 decades ago. 

Today, as I do most weeks, I 'performed' with my djembe. I love it that master Babatunde Olatunji*, obm, autographed my drum when I was accompanying him Nov. 7, 1996, at a club on the Santa Monica Pier.

Olatunji's "Drums of Passion" was the very first LP album that I ever purchased. As a teen, I traveled by myself from Queens into Manhattan with my babysitting hard earned dollars, to a big music store and this is the album that deeply touched my soul. I knew nothing about African music.

My first renowned drum teachers were Baba's colleagues, and then finally, the LOVE STORY with drumming continued when I got to play with Baba, and not only listen to his album. 

A dream I had never even imagined. A beshert story from the very beginning.

*Story of Babatunde Olatunji  http://babatunde-olatunji.blogspot.com

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