April 8, 1997

NOW on U Tube:
excerpts from Joy Krauthammer's 6 minute, only 1 X performance on drum kit,
 now 2:19 minutes. 

Junior Wells "You Gotta Love Her With a Feeling"  1975
composed by Tampa Red 1938  

For the few sessions, I was in a drum class, but had NO drum set.
I practiced on a small wood disk strapped onto my knee, after watching the teacher (Yann) demonstrate.  (I've since had knee surgery.)

For the class exam at a local college, I practiced drumming this blues song by renting studio space for a couple hours each day for a couple days. I was determined. (My Netzach)
After performance, class actually voted me "1st Place".
(I think the sparkly gold sequined costume helped. I used to wear it when on hand percussion, I accompanied Reb Shlomo Carlebach, z'l.)

My first couple difficult kit lessons were a decade earlier, 1986, at the time I also began my MBA training knowing I needed something sane!

blesSings, JOY

Thanks to Jim for converting my old video (which I HAD NEVER SEEN) to a DVD,
 and to Faye for delivering DVD to me today.

Today, Aug. 2013 (with the guidance of iMovie trainers Stephie and Nick) I spent about 5 hours learning how to make the 6 minutes video into this 2 minute movie. VOILA.

BlesSings, JOY

After this brief exhilarating blues experience, I went onto the LA Music Academy in Pasadena, and studied with drum kit and Hollywood sound Masters; and quit.

Decades ago I  had been in love with drummers (Ringo...) and realized finally, that it was the drums I LOVED.

I continue as a world-music, spiritual hand-percussionist and sound healer which I had begun years earlier, before my drum kit adventure.

Enjoy my site:

Joy Krauthammer Plays the Blues 1997
For my 50th, I chose to learn drum set, and travel to Morocco for the the World Sacred Music Festival.

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