Dear Ami, REMO family and friends,

With a heavy heart I share my condolences with us all, especially to dear Ami, on the passing over of Remo Belli obm, on April 25, 2016. 
May his soul soar on the sound of percussion where angels in heaven await Remo with tambourines and drums and shakers and love. 
May Remo rest in peace knowing that he made the biggest difference in our wide world, bridging cultures, music and health, and generations, and making sacred space for us drummers where in community we can drum, explore, learn and play with the best Remo instruments.

May Remo's legacy continue across the seas to distant lands where music has connected countless individuals and communities in joy and healing. We are the drummers, percussionists, designers, builders, teachers, students, children, therapists, dancers, singers, healers, special kids and adults with emotional and physical differences, and survivors of natural and man-made disasters who have gained and shared so much because of Remo’s (and Ami’s) vision, wisdom and great generosity.

I'm blessed that I’ve been (along with my family and grandchild) an inspired receiver at Remo for over two decades. My life has been immeasurably enriched and because of Remo, I’ve been a healthier and happier soul, sharing my sounds. I LOVE playing Remo percussion. While a Remo Drum Circle participant I formed a band with 18 Remo drum circle percussionist friends and took us out on the road. Playing with several bands, I continue to joyously play so many fantastic and fun Remo instruments. Remo is where I always practiced 'my chops'. I treasure the autographed ‘Layne' tambourine that Remo gifted to me in 2002.

With tears in my eyes and heart, I recall that in 2002 I wrote a tribute to Remo Belli, and offered the tribute to politicians across the country, requesting that they honor Remo for his goodness, and they did at our 2002 REMO holiday party. those honoring certificates hang in the REMO RMC lobby. 

Last night, one day after Remo took his drumheads to heaven, I went to Remo RMC and shared hugs in mourning with his beloved staff, and drum circle friends.  May we all find comfort in our memories, and play in the light of Remo, keeping alive his legacy. Especially, may Ami be warmly embraced and comforted on her great loss.

My sites honoring REMO:

With deepest gratitude, love, and tears in sympathy with all. 
I was so looking forward to sharing my fresh figs this coming summer with Remo because he loved them and that made me happy.

Joy Krauthammer

In your memory, your legacy– we play.

© Mark Reden  1-5-2007

 Kindred Spirits, Drummers take their REMO inspired drum circle on the road.

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Larry Foster, Larry Shaw, Richard & Nick Kashansky, 
Ian Kroop, Ken Moore, 
Paul & Reisa Hannig, Ann Kashansky, 
Valeska & Emilio & Anna & Abe Thomas, 
Steve Hirsh, Rhonda Curtis, Tia Cohen,
Hannah Almstead, Joy Krauthammer (band leader)

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