Dear Remo,

Regarding your Proclamations of Appreciation presented to you, I thought you might like to have a copy of the letter I wrote that was individually and separately addressed in the content, to each of the several politicians involved around the US. 
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
 Joy Krauthammer


I am recommending a Governmental proclamation be created and presented by you to: 

Mr. REMO BELLI and the REMO RECREATIONAL and MUSIC CENTER in appreciation, recognition and commendation for their continued gift of community outreach and service via the Arts. This is a great time to acknowledge and honor Mr. Remo Belli's contributions. Remo Recreational Music Center is planning a year-end party at 7pm, Tuesday, December 17, 2002 and we invite you to join us.

REMO is located at 7308 Coldwater Canyon, North Hollywood, CA 91605. Tel (818) 982-0461.

Visit and to learn more about REMO.

For the last five years I have spent most EVERY TUESDAY NIGHT at REMO'S  FREE EVENING DRUM CIRCLE which Remo has offered to all the community  SINCE 1996. This is a priority in my life because Remo is an artistic, stress free environment where I can go to express myself, feeling empowered by the drumbeat. At REMO, the quality of life is enhanced.

Mr. Remo Belli, Founder and CEO of Remo, offers Tuesday night drum circles at no charge to the community and Remo pays all expenses. He is a blessing. Remo Belli through his great generosity, offers the indoor, comfortable, safe playing space in all seasons, parking, finest facilitators and accomplished world music instructors, and use of all the world percussion instruments. This community drumming brings together about a hundred people, sometimes many more, forming new friendships, mostly from greater Los Angeles. I have never discovered anything like Remo offered anywhere.

Remo is an intergenerational setting of all ages, races, cultures and musical experience. Remo is a musical haven also for developmentally disabled people. I've also never seen so many empowered women drummers anywhere. My friends have brought their grandchildren and introduced them to the world of percussion. This brings a smile to my face to see and hear all the children playing as well as the older people.

We are at Remo united in an atmosphere of peace through the musical artistic realm of drumming and percussion. The arts help bring unity to our universe, by crossing all boundaries in oneness. Here there is no racism, no sexism, only harmony in an age of turmoil and rage. Remo Recreational Music Center is right there flying the flags of all nations for us to come together.

Some of the percussion instruments we play originating from many nations include: djembe, doumbek, tambourine, frame drum, tar, riq, tamborim, bohdran, djun-djun, ashiko, talking drum, klong yaw, cuica, timbau, surdo repinique, agogo, bongo, congas, cowbell, tubano, pandeiro, kanjira, fruit and 'vegetable shakers' as well as 'sound shapes'. The teachers, too, have come from many nations.

Remo Recreational and Music Center has supplied the instruments and gifted facilitators at NO charge for drum circles for many places and occasions including Cancer support centers and healing circles. I went to one drum circle Remo offered at a local college after 9/11 terrorist attacks. Drum Circle participants have gone on to lead drum circles for cancer support groups.

Being in the drumming community, I have gained skills that I have transferred to the greater community. I now play regularly for various groups in need of a percussionist. In a couple weeks I play, accompanying holiday singers at various retirement homes, as I have done before, which is my giving back to community through music. My spiritual teachers have taught me that music and joy is the path to the heart and soul.

I am a caregiver angel warrior for my husband who has cancer. Drumming at Remo helps me achieve wellness and relieves much of the tension I experience on a daily basis. Drumming frees my spirit and offers me the opportunity for great joy and relaxation. It is fun and energizing. My body, mind and spirit calm and release my negative feelings as I let the drumming open my heart and bring me to a place of harmony, balance and rhythm. Going to Remo is my therapy.

A personal experience:  Agitated, I went recently to Remo's Drum Circle. My day had been exasperating. Many hours spent with my cancer suffering, pain-filled husband, Marcel, who seemed to be mentally "losing it" that day, was too much for me. Then I went to my cancer caregiver's support group where the frustration grew worse. Leaving there without any relief from my stressful day, I drove to Remo.

Finally, therapeutically, I was able to let go, release, transcend and forget all the day's negative troubling energies. Participating in the drum circle, I was so happy, joyous, elevated, filled with rhythms of drumbeats infusing my spirit and dancing my body. Leaving Remo that evening, I was calm, with a smile on my face, and as a newly cleansed woman, I was given renewed strength for my caregiver's job on earth. Once again, I could come from my joy and heartbeat.

A secret:  When my daughter was little, twenty plus years ago, I made her birthday parties in my garden-- as percussion events (with every child playing in a band).  When I was a teenager I fell in love with drummers and was in awe at concerts. (The first album I ever purchased was "Drums of Passion".)  In Spain, as a teenager, I bought tambourines for presents, and a gold tambourine charm for my bracelet in the sixties. I had no idea that I was 'allowed' to drum, and then I had a dream...
It was the drums I loved, I realized-- not the drummers.

I am so grateful to Mr. Remo Belli and Remo's healthRTHYTHMS team of caring, joyous, trained music facilitators: Christine Stevens, MT-BC, Director of Music Therapy and Wellness Programs, and all the fantastic musicians who continue weekly to join her in leading us-- the participating community, with inspiration, into the joyous, drum circle of life.

I look forward to hearing that our government will be recognizing this extraordinary giving man of vision, Remo Belli, and his Remo Recreational Music Center, for the gift of the joy of drumming they give the community. I hope you can join us on Tuesday, December 17th, 2002 at Remo.


Joy Krauthammer,

Listen to the drum beat. Listen to your heart beat. Feel the energy of the drum. Experience kinesthetic rhythmic vibrational massage. Harmoniously align physical cells and emotional states. - Joy Krauthammer

The Dec. 2002 surprise party was held for Remo. Many governmental proclamations were presented to Remo Belli in appreciation, recognition and commendation for his continued gift of community. 
The framed plaques are on view at Remo Recreational Music Center.
in sadness
Remo Belli  1927 - 2016

REMO award ceremony, photos and collage 
arranged by © Joy Krauthammer

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  1. What a beautiful story Joy ~ so lovely, warms my heart :-) Thanks so much for sharing, and I look forward to syncing up with you sometime soon in rhythm and the liberating JOY of the pulse.


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